Kudough Employee Rewards Program –
Show Your Employees Your Appreciation

The right employee rewards program is a crucial tool in keeping employee morale up, keeping your staff engaged and letting them know they are appreciated. Kudough’s employee rewards platform not only covers all your employee recognition platform bases, it is affordable, easy to use, and based online. With Kudough you can schedule employee rewards to hit when your team meets or exceeds benchmarks, as well as giving your employees the freedom to choose their own rewards. Kudough is a streamlined way to increase employee communication, and effectively say “thank you” for a job well done.

An Employee Rewards Program That Offers Simplicity

Kudough makes employee recognition straightforward and effective. You can access our cloud-based application from anywhere and rewards are as easy to send as they are to use. It’s simple to migrate an existing rewards system over to the Kudough reward platform, even an unstructured one that’s been cobbled together over time. You can set budgets, create groups, let employees nominate one another, set up unique employee incentives (like paid time off)and access unique reporting tools needed to reconcile your account.

Employee rewards programs have been proven to increase productivity and raise bottom lines. Companies with effective recognition, incentive and rewards programs swear by their results. Your business, regardless of it’s size, can’t afford not to employ a rewards program. It’s as simple as that.